WIPocalypse 2017

Here is a list of some current WIP that I'd like to complete as well as new starts of which I hope to get a few completed. I tend to usually stitch a few off of the new starts list as well as multiple new starts which grab my interest throughout the year.

Current WIP

1. Stacy Nash Blackwater Hollow Sampler - complete
2. Plum Street Samplers Pomegranate Sampler - in progress
3. Hands to Work Designs This is the Day - complete
4. Lori Brechlin Turkey Trot Pillow - in progress


1.With Thy Needle & Thread Paper Snowflakes-complete
2. Plum Street Samplers A Yuletide Welcome
3. Stacy Nash Ann's Sampler Pinkeep
4. LaDDa Bless Our Home
5. Threadwork Primitives Wandering Heart -complete
6. Stacy Nash Merry Christmas Pinkeep
7. Threadwork Primitives Bountiful Blessings
8. Plum Street Samplers 1831 Christmas
9.The Goode Huswife Two Pinkeeps
10. Threadwork Primitives Leaping Stag
11. Heartstring Samplery Sing We Then Merrily 
12. Stitchrovia Canada Sampler 
13. Blackbird Designs Summer Jubilee - complete
14. With Thy Needle & Thread Acorn Gathering in progress
15. Heartstring Samplery In Everything 
16. Blackbird Designs Raise A Glass Of Cheer 
17. Stacy Nash Designs House on Pumpkin Hill Pinkeep

All in all a rather ambitious list don't you think! Below you will find any other designs I end up stitching. 

18. Blackbird Designs Tulip House Stitching Companion - complete
19. Cathy Livingston Hamster - complete
20. The Stitcherhood Merry New Year - complete 
21. Blackbird Designs It's Spring Fever - complete 
22. Danybrod Je t'aime les boutons - complete 
23. Blackbird Designs Summer Jubilee - complete
24. Silver Creek Sampler Forever Love - complete
25. Blackbird Designs Remember Me - complete
26. Pineberry Lane Old Black Cat & Friends #1 - complete
27. Heartstring Samplery With My Needle - complete
28. Pineberry Lane Old Black Cat & Friends #2 - complete
29. Stacy Nash Tribute to Summper Sampler - complete
30. With Thy Needle & Thread Acorn Gathering Sewing Roll - in progress
31. The Primitive Needle Annie Hyssop's Harvest Moon - in progress
32. Threadwork Primitives Quaker Friends - in progress
33. Helga Mandl Name Tree - Violet - complete
34. Helga Mandle Name Tree - Chris - in progress


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Melinda Forbes said...

This is a great list. Thank you for sharing the links to all of the charts. So many to be added to the Wish List.